[Event] Energy Forum

The next decade will be critical for Canada’s energy sector. We have an opportunity to be a world leader in energy innovation and natural resource development. At the same time, there have been challenges, fluctuating prices, increased regulatory requirements, and geopolitical uncertainty. Decision makers and industry leaders must carefully navigate these conditions to responsibly develop and deliver Canada’s energy products to market, all while tapping into opportunities for investment, innovation, greater collaboration, and growth.

Canada is well-positioned to be an energy exporter of choice – providing our low carbon products to the world in order to reduce global emissions and create jobs here at home. The responsible development of natural resources in B.C. provides the revenues for governments and industry to invest in new technologies that will reduce emissions and support an energy transition.

The forum will explore themes such as: new and emerging technologies, the generational opportunity to build an LNG industry in British Columbia, encouraging a competitive regulatory environment in Canada, and how the changing energy landscape is presenting new opportunities for Indigenous communities.

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Hosted by: Vancouver Board of Trade

Presented by: Bennett Jones