[Event] Agriculture Summit

Showcasing the significance of agriculture and agri-foods to the Canadian economy we are continuing our AND focus of natural resource development AND sustainable agriculture practices. The infusion of technology and innovation within the agriculture industry remains understated outside of the sector. Broader understanding of the competitiveness, innovation and GDP contribution of agriculture is critical to ensuring the industry remains top tier in the global market. We are working towards creating a framework for a vision for our agricultural natural resources.

Keynote: Canadian Competitiveness
Chuck Magro, President & CEO, Nutrien

  • How agriculture companies are working to address environmental, sustainable, and governance (ESG) to measure sustainability and ethical impact of investment.

Keynote: The Importance of Agriculture to the Canadian Economy 
Curt Vossen, President & CEO,  Richardson International

  • Agriculture is a large economic driver in Canada, what is the conversation Canada is not having regarding agriculture and agri-foods?

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