Dear Canada

We have the means to create a better future for Canadians through responsible, sustainable development of our natural resources. The world needs what we can offer, but without the proper infrastructure, we are struggling to export our resources. With a concerted effort, we can realize a better future for Canada. Support Canada’s resource economy in the upcoming election.

The Issue

Canada is at a crossroads. Our natural resource economy impacts Canadian families from coast-to-coast, providing more than 1.82 million direct and indirect jobs in Canada. We have an opportunity to be a world leader in energy innovation and natural development. Yet, we’re struggling to realize our potential.

We don’t have the infrastructure we need to export our resources abroad. As a country, we lose millions of dollars every day by selling our resources at a discount because we can’t reach the global marketplace. It doesn’t need to be this way. Join our campaign and commit to supporting Canada’s resource economy in the upcoming federal election.

Join our campaign.

Why It Matters

Canada’s natural resource economy has positively impacted Canadians for generations. But as it stands, Canada’s natural resources are selling at a discounted rate, resulting in reduced investment in our social services and economy. With a concerted effort, we can remove trade barriers and realize our full potential.